Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Berlin Review: The U.S. Is Knee-Deep In Cyber-Terrorism in Alex Gibney's 'Zero Days'

Will Alex Gibney ever run out of conspiracies and evildoing to expose? Of course not, and there's no better man for the job. With his new documentary “Zero Days,” Gibney turns his tenacious, headline-friendly and extremely well-sourced attentions to cyber war — that fanciful-sounding but very real, very dangerous newcomer to the world of state malfeasance. While much his subject matter here is already known, or suspected, he dramatizes it well enough to make me sleep a little less well tonight. The starting point, of the film and his trail, is the omnipotent computer virus Stuxnet, first identified in 2010 when it wormed its way into and set back Iran's nuclear program, before...

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